Wake Up With YPN - Cybersecurity

June 10, 2020

Join us now for the first installment of the 'Wake Up With YPN' Summer Series LIVE on the Atlanta Realtors Association Facebook page! Cybersecurity expert Jed Fearon will be discussing a range of topics including Zoom, Email Security, Wire Fraud, and more in our first 'Wake Up With YPN' webinar.

With increasing threats to businesses related to the loss of tenant, purchaser and employee information, cybersecurity is an important area that the real estate sector should proactively address. As the industry increasingly utilizes technology—such as third-party, cloud-based applications and storage—there is an increased incentive to protect information while staying competitive with technology.

Businesses often view an investment in cybersecurity as an added expense, but it can also provide a competitive advantage. With the media highlighting breaches on a seemingly daily basis, tenants are looking to see that their information is protected. Preventative measures can help a business avoid potential business reputation loss and costly legal proceedings that can be incurred when dealing with a cyber-attack. This webinar will cover a variety of computer related security topics, including Zoom, email security, wire fraud, and more.

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