Order Your Personalized Name Tag and
ARA Attire for Association Events

We are excited to announce the Atlanta REALTORS® Association has partnered with an online vendor to provide ARA branded attire and magnetic name tags for members to wear to ARA events. 10% of sales proceeds from the site will benefit the Atlanta REALTORS® Impact Foundation, which provides Care Funds for members in need and the Community Excellence Scholarship for ARA family members. From this new online store, you have the option to purchase attire with the ARA logo, ARA's Young Professionals Network (YPN) logo and the Atlanta REALTORS® Rundown (Podcast) logo. Click here to browse our online store: https://atlantarealtors.itemorder.com/shop/home/.

In an effort to foster a more inclusive and engaging environment, we encourage members to refrain from wearing company name tags or attire during ARA events. Purchase your personalized ARA name tag and wear it to events instead. We also encourage members to refrain from displaying their company logos on signage or Zoom backgrounds during ARA meetings. The following Zoom backgrounds are available exclusively for ARA members to use during remote meetings: ARA Zoom Backgrounds. We believe that these changes will help us focus on what truly matters – the connections we build, the ideas we exchange, and the meaningful discussions we engage in during our gatherings. We appreciate your cooperation in making our events more personable and inviting for all members. Your support in adhering to this policy is highly valued, as it aligns with our commitment to fostering a sense of unity and collaboration within the ARA community. If you have any questions or require further clarification about this policy, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at events@atlantarealtors.com.