Presidents of the Atlanta REALTORS® Association

January 12, 2019

"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants."

What is means to be an Atlanta REALTORS® leader

Founded in 1910, the Atlanta REALTORS® Association has been an instrumental factor in the growth of organized real estate in the state of Georgia for over a century.

With over 9,000 members, ARA is the largest real estate association in the state of Georgia and considered to be one of the strongest and most successful REALTOR® Associations across the nation.

Throughout its history, ARA has exerted its influence in civic affairs in its capacity of representing a substantial segment of the business community across Atlanta. The Association has contributed representatives to the Atlanta Aldermanic Board, City Zoning Boards, the Mayor's Committee on Urban Renewal, the office of Vice-Mayor, the Mayor, County Commissions, and the Atlanta Housing Authority. ARA has consistently, for many years, exerted its influence on behalf of the real property taxpayers. Additionally, the Atlanta Association played a major role in the creation of the Georgia Real Estate Commission and has continued to play an integral part in the development of the Georgia License Law.

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