The REALTOR® Difference is a Marketing Campaign to promote the difference between a REALTOR® and a non-member licensee to buyers and sellers.


The Campaign is designed to provide REALTOR® members with marketing materials that can be used in presentations with buyers and sellers to help differentiate between a REALTOR® and a non-member. The campaign is focused on three separate advantages: 1) Advocacy – protecting the investment of home ownership, 2) Professionalism, and 3) Production. In these three distinct areas, the marketing efforts easily identify the differences and include the main question for a buyer or seller; "Are you represented by a REALTOR®?" Initially, marketing flyers have been generated for each category and are linked to the right for your use.

Action for Agents

Use the marketing materials that have been provided in presentations with buyers and sellers and promote the fact you are a REALTOR® and that you are making a difference.

Action for Brokers

Encourage your agents to use the marketing materials in their presentations and promote the REALTOR® brand as much as possible. Include the REALTOR® trademark and term in all of your marketing efforts with your company.

If you prefer to use the content and embed into your marketing materials so it is consistent with your company information, please click here to access the text from the flyers.

Marketing Text (to use for customized materials)

Jan 14, 2020, 06:53 AM
Title : Marketing Text (to use for customized materials)
Category : The REALTOR® Difference

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