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Governmental Affairs Committee Gets Visit From Transportation Official

December 21, 2018

Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority (The ATL) official, Scott Haggard, recently visited a joint meeting of the Atlanta REALTORS® Association and the Atlanta Commercial Board of REALTORS'® Governmental Affairs Committees to discuss the new authority and how they finally plan to make transportation manageable.

Scott serves as Director of Government and External Affairs for the ATL, SRTA and GRTA, in which role he manages government affairs and external strategic relationships of the organization.  This position plays an important role in providing leadership for building and sustaining effective relationships with elected and appointed government officials, partner agencies, and key constituencies and influencers.

Members had an opportunity to learn about future transportation plans, the history of ATL's creation and how REALTORS® can help with the process. Scott emphasized the simple, yet daunting mission for the ATL, "Making it easier for people within the metro Atlanta region to travel from where they are to where they want or need to be."

To learn more about the ATL, visit their website at www.atltransit.ga.gov Also, to view Scott's presentation, click here.

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