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Council Holds Impact Fee Work Session

May 15, 2020

Atlanta City Planning Department gave the City Council an update on the status of the Impact Fee Update at a recent work session. New findings could have a serious affect on single family homes and construction.

As we previously reported, the City of Atlanta has begun discussions on updating the city's impact fee program. Fee increases, a new look at fee disbursement and a more equitable disbursement process are just a few issues the city is looking at. An Impact Fee Advisory Commission was created to help with this process. Members of the Governmental Affairs Committee have attended the Advisory Commission meetings and our Governmental Affairs Committee Chairs provided comments on the process.

City staff made a presentation on Friday, May 15th, during a work session with the City Council. Due to the Coronvirus Pandemic, the City will not be able to update the fee schedule for the next fiscal budget year. However, staff plans a two phased approach. Phase I will make minor edits with staff looking to improve administration of the program. This will be completed by July 2020. Phase II will request an update of the fee schedule (which must be approved by Council). This would be implemented between January 20102 and July 2022.

To view the presentation, click here.

The Governmental Affairs Committee is working with city staff and communicating with the Mayor's Impact Fee Advisory Committee. While we recognize there will most likely be an increase, considering the fee has not be updated since 1993, we do feel it should be fair and go towards projects these fees are intended.

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