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Atlanta City Council Approves FY 2024 Budget Which Includes Increase for Department of City Planning

July 13, 2023

Atlanta’s final proposed FY 2024 budget is the largest in the City's history, of the $790 million General Fund budget, the Department of City Planning (DCP) will receive approximately a $23.7 million budget for FY24, about a $600,000 increase from last year.

More than half of the increase and about four-fifths of their budget is for personnel, which had been a sore spot for the department. An additional $1.6 million is going into salaries, which are (as of now) lower than the rest of the market. Many vacancies are expected to be filled, with the department lowering its vacancy from 30% to 21% since February, but Commissioner Jahnee Prince notes that it’ll take some time to train new staff.

In addition, the department will focus on projects such as the Peachtree Creek Greenway and the Chattahoochee River lands.


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