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2024 Legislative Session Likely To Include Housing Affordability Initiatives And Rental Regulations

December 19, 2023

Since the availability of affordable housing continues to burden most Georgia residents, the real estate industry, housing advocates, and local governments will once again take their concerns to the Georgia General Assembly.

Look for local governments to oppose any efforts by the state to prohibit or preempt Georgia’s cities and counties from establishing appropriate local oversight of residential design standards, short-term rentals, and build-to-rent subdivisions within their jurisdictions.

Similarly, it’s likely we’ll also see legislation filed that will require some type of rental property inspection designed to ensure tenant safety.

Property taxes will also be on the agenda during the 2024 legislative session. County governments may consider asking the state to adjust the formula for the rollback rate to allow counties to adjust for inflation.

Consensus may be reached on initiatives that give local governments more flexibility to incentivize the development of mixed-use housing options as well as market-rate workforce housing.

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