Architectural Styles: The Identity of American Houses

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Register NowTime marches on and so shall we through this fascinating exploration of American house styles. In addition to reviewing some of the design and decorative elements that define each style, we'll look a the historical context to give you a sense of why the styles evolved. We'll conclude with a look at modern-day houses and the challenges their style, or lack thereof, present to the real estate professional..

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Ryan Taylor

Ryan Taylor, an architect and HERS rater, founded Ryan Taylor Architects LLC in 2002 to change the scale of his practice from commercial work to residential projects: renovations, additions and new construction. Ryan shares a combination of experience in commercial work, residential practice, building code development, legislative work, public speaking and community service with each project team and audience. He's invested in growing his skill set to include HVAC design and other unconventional offerings from a residential practice to be ready for our evolving real estate market. The spirit of Ryan's practice is sharing experience, resources and technology so we make better architecture from which we all benefit.

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Thursday, June 28, 2018
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