Local Issues & Legislation

Metro Area Taxes Rising

Over the past couple of weeks, several metro area government jurisdictions have set their tax digest for the 2019 fiscal year… and taxes are going up. Leaders in Cobb, Fulton and Atlanta Public Schools have approved millage rates that will each show a rise in property taxes.

Transit Expansion in Gwinnett

In a historic vote, the Gwinnett County Commission approved a measure that allows citizens to decide on expanding MARTA into Gwinnett County on a March referendum. Gwinnett County residents will vote to add a penny sales tax that would go towards expanding heavy rail along the I-85 corridor and allow MARTA to operate in Gwinnett County.

Atlanta Reviews Solid Waste Fee

The City of Atlanta's Watershed Management Department is working to erase a $14 million deficit by revamping the solid waste fee schedule and changing trash collections around the city. These changes could have a significant effect on property owners, both residential and commercial.

Run-offs are over; Georgia's General Elections are Set

The 2018 Primary Run-off elections are over and the General election campaigns are underway. Democratic and Republican nominees for the 2018 General election are set and REALTORS® are prepared to be a major force in this election.

Atlanta's Floodplain Restrictions

The City of Atlanta's Floodplain Administrator is working to notify the real estate community about regulations related to land use and development within floodplains around the city. Officials want to be sure REALTORS® "are aware of restrictions" and have the proper resources so that buyers and sellers of real estate understand the legal ramifications of their actions and purchases.

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