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Forsyth Legislator Recommends School Board Impact Fee Option

January 25, 2024

State Senator Greg Dolezal (R-27) has once again submitted legislation that would allow  “High Growth School Systems” to impose impact fees on new growth and development to offset the costs of new educational facilities. Senator Dolezal’s district includes the vast majority of Forsyth County and it is believed that Forsyth County would meet the requirements to be considered a “High Growth School System.”

The legislation limits the amount of time the impact fees may be collected and requires an Impact Fee Advisory Board to be established. This board shall serve in an advisory capacity to assist and advise the local board of education concerning the adoption of an educational development impact fee resolution. The legislation also requires that all fees are to be used in the same areas from which they are imposed. 

If passed, this bill will become law only if an amendment to the state constitution authorizing educational development impact fees is adopted by the General Assembly and is ratified by the voters at the 2024 general election. 

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