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Forsyth County School Board Approves Budget With Reduced Millage Rate

July 13, 2023

On Thursday, June 29, 2023, the Forsyth County School Board voted to approve the school district’s Fiscal Year 2024 budget, which includes a 2 mill reduction of the millage rate. The school’s portion of property taxes will be reduced from its current 17.3 mills to 15.3 mills.

After considerable public input regarding the significant increase in property taxes due to the continued increase in the county’s property assessments, the Board voted to roll back the millage rate by 2 mils.

This roll back was proposed during an early board meeting by Superintendent Dr. Jeff Bearden. “When I first made the initial budget proposal, the estimated tax bills had not been released to our community,” Bearden said. “We certainly knew the tax digest was going to go up, but what was an unknown at that time was how much of that increase would be directly tied to reassessments on our current homes.”

Furthermore, this revised $645.3 million FY 2024 budget, an increase of about $59 million from last year’s budget, still allows the county to remain competitive by raising teacher and staff salaries.


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