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Forsyth County Elementary Schools Face Redistricting

August 20, 2023

During their August 15 Board meeting, Forsyth County Board of Education approved a timeline for the school system to draw new elementary school district lines as it prepares for the opening of the new Midway Elementary School campus in August 2024. The draft of a new district map will be completed by the end of the month and available to the public in September. 

The purpose of this redistricting is to relieve the overcrowding at several of the County’s elementary schools and to populate the new Midway campus. Midway currently serves 658 students but the new campus is designed to accommodate 1,175 students.

While the Board does not plan to adjust any middle or high school lines, they acknowledge that eight elementary schools could be impacted. Learn more about the redistricting process, timeline and the opportunities for public input.

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