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Alpharetta To Consider Implementing A Short-Term Rental Ordinance

December 20, 2023

Earlier this fall, Alpharetta residents were invited to attend a public hearing on the possible implementation of a short-term rental ordinance. Over the last few years, as is often the case, a few complaints regarding disturbances caused by short-term rentals have been filed with the City. 

The public hearing was an effort by the City to hear firsthand the interest in establishing an ordinance from owners of short-term rentals as well as neighbors and other residents impacted by these properties. The initial ordinance proposed by the City was in large part modeled after the Forsyth County short-term ordinance.

The City agreed to consider the comments and issues addressed during the meeting when drafting the revised ordinance. The City has not yet set a date for the ordinance to be presented to the Council.


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