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Roswell Approves Ordinance to Increase Landscape Requirements

April 7, 2023

Roswell Approves Ordinance to Increase Landscape Requirements

Last month, the Roswell City Council passed an amendment to the City’s Uniform Development Code that increases the landscape/open space required for new development of certain building types by 20%.

On March 13, 2023, the Mayor and Council approved the first reading of the text amendment with updates including additional language which adds a minimum of landscaping space to any redevelopment project. Redevelopment that does not meet the minimum landscape open space percent requirements shall meet the greater of their current percent of landscape open space, or 15% as the required minimum percent. Similarly, the council added language which would require 50% of the landscape space be contiguous.

The final hearing was held on March 27th and was approved by the council on a 4 to 1 voter.

Use this LINK to review the final Roswell landscape amendment.



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