Infrastructure Webcast Available for Viewing

June 1, 2022

The Trump Administration has released its long-awaited infrastructure plan, which proposes at least $1.5 trillion in new investment across infrastructure asset classes; incentivizing greater state and local funding; shortening the project permitting process to two years; investing in rural projects; and improving worker training. President Trump proposes that the government would spend $200 billion in infrastructure investment to spur states, localities and the private sector to raise the $1.3 trillion balance.

Russell Riggs and Adriann Murawski, staff executives for the National Association of REALTORS®, discussed this plan in a recent Facebook Live webcast.  Topics covered by Russell and Adriann include the implications of this plan for real estate and housing markets, how these activities encourage economic growth at the state and local level and how Realtors can take advantage of the opportunities created by this effort.

To view the webcast click here.

To learn more about the President's Infrastructure plan, please visit the White House's Legislative Outline for Rebuilding Infrastructure in America.

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