Governor Kemp's Statewide "Shelter in Place" Order

April 3, 2020

After weeks of local jurisdictions issuing "Shelter in Place" or "Stay at Home" Orders, Governor Brian Kemp implemented a statewide "Shelter in Place" order that will cut down on confusion and hopefully keep us safe. ARA staff has put together a guide to help our members navigate these very trying times.

The impact of the Coronavirus has been like nothing the country has seen in a long time. While local governments rush to protect citizens, they often issue confusing, and sometimes contradictory, orders. Our biggest hurdle has been having real estate included as an "essential service".

There are two good things about the Governor's order, real estate is considered an "essential business" and it brings consistency across the entire state. REALTORS® are still able to work, it just won't quite be business as usual. Below are a couple of helpful tools for our members:

If you have any questions, contact Aaron Johnson at Aaron@atlantarealtors.com or at (404) 732-0631.

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