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Volume Requirements for 2022 Top Producers

May 1, 2022

Based on the recommendation from the Top Producers Committee, the Board of Directors has set the minimum production level to qualify for the 2022 Top Producers program at $5 million or 15 units. This will apply to the 2022 transactions that are included in the application that will be submitted in January 2023. The minimum for 2021 transactions was $4.5 million so this will be a $500,000 increase in the volume requirements from the previous year with no change in the minimum number of units.

Each year, the Top Producers Committee is tasked with reviewing the current market indicators and adjusting the volume in order to reach the desired goal of recognizing up to 15% of the assocation membership. The decision must be made prior to the start of the qualifying year which makes it difficult to project but we are thrilled that we have reached this goal for the past 5 years.

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