ARA Emerging Leaders

The success of any organization is its membership and more specifically its leadership. Here at the Atlanta REALTORS® Association, we are no different than other great organizations as our leaders are the hub and our members are the engine to move us forward. The Atlanta REALTORS® looks for dedicated professionals to direct our great organization to its full potential.

The ARA Emerging Leaders Program is designed to train and develop selected members who wish to take a more active role in the Atlanta REALTORS® Association. This is a great opportunity for forward thinking professionals to discover the inner workings of association management, business development and industry advancement at all levels of real estate.

A limited number of (25) Twenty-five applicants will be accepted into the ARA Emerging Leaders Program, made up of REALTOR® members of the Atlanta REALTORS® Association.

2019 Graduation will be recognized during the Annual Business Meeting.

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